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Part time Jobs in Bournemouth

It can appear difficult to find a job that fits around your life commitments. We are aware that 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday does not be suitable everyone. In fact, statistics show that the number of employees working more than 45 hours a week is in decline. It is not unusual for people to desire hours which fit around personal factors including childcare.

If you’re hunting for a part time job in Bournemouth what are some common sectors to find flexible hours and how can AllBournemouthJobs assist you in finding a part time job in Bournemouth?

Common Part Time Jobs in Bournemouth

Part time jobs in Bournemouth are available in all sectors but experience has shown that certain sectors often display a greater number of flexible roles than others, especially when you are looking for a part time job with no experience needed. Here are some sectors that we recommend you make your first port of call:

Customer Services

It is not unusual for businesses to want flexible customer service workers. One especial area often seeking to employ part time staff is telesales so if you have a fantastic telephone manner, are good with people or don’t mind cold calling then you might be able to find your perfect part time job in Bournemouth in our Customer Services and Telesales sector.


Small companies in particular occasionally require a part time administrator to be responsible for their administration. Larger companies may also want a part time administrator to job share. This may involve working 2 or 3 complete days a week or several hours each day. So if you are well organised with good computer skills you may want to consider a part time administration job in Bournemouth.


Shops and supermarkets frequently have a range of flexible part time jobs available. As shops are often open longer than ‘9 to 5’ and on the weekend you will find hours that will fit around your commitments. So if you have excellent customer service skills and enjoy dealing with the public then make sure check our Retail sector for the most recent jobs.

Public Sector

Do not forget to try Bournemouth Borough Council / Dorset County Council as they frequently have flexible part time jobs in a very varied range of areas.

How Can AllBournemouthJobs Help you find a Part Time Job in Bournemouth?

By registering with us you will get email updates of all the newest jobs in the correct sectors for you. Any part time jobs in Bournemouth we receive will also be found in our Part Time Jobs dedicated section.

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